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Data Breaches, IT Security, Privacy: Why You Need Proper Tools in IT

To find Privacy-conscious and individually enhanced IT solutions better protecting your business and IT-security needs, here is a brief introductory video outlining their importance. To cover these added needs, IT solutions and tools for business or personal use can easily be altered or set  up with better defaults. Providing our services to businesses, we of course focus on the business application and suitability of tools, but we do so while having aspects like Business Continuity, IT Security, Confidentiality and Privacy in mind too — topics that are usually neglected in today’s fast-paced world. It is very hard to have any of the mentioned aspects covered and protected properly, if your IT is based on Microsoft-dominated products and services. The fact that the majority of businesses use these does not mean it is right. (The majority of businesses is also compromised by cyber attacks or other security breaches on an almost daily basis; simply follow the news on this!)

There are four fundamental building blocks needed for successful business, better productivity, and overall economic and personal freedom. These are briefly touched upon in this video at the timestamp provided here:

Have a look at these points in order to understand the wider aspects that need to be considered for your business, financial and overall personal success.

On top of business tools, having a more friendly type of personal tools like a smartphone or other mobile device is equally essential. is a de-googled mobile device that offers all the usual convenient functions but is designed with your privacy and protection of your data in mind.

A wider approach of providing Privacy-conscious solutions and setups that come with improved defaults out of the box are also available. Check out and to find out more about these too. All of these will greatly improve your data-security aspects and often also provide extra layers of protection against attacks while still giving you the same convenience and usability you expect from your smartphones, laptops, or desktop software installation.

Feel free to also contact us directly if you want to discuss the need for or the thinking behind improved and Privacy-conscious setups and system configurations. We can adapt the services we provide to these extended needs, if you are interested.